A Better Concert Experience?

Summer concert season is upon us, and many of them are free too.  So, you’re already checking dates, figuring out which ones you’re going to see, who’s going with you, what you’re doing before the show – restaurant, bar, etc.  And then it hits you… what’s the best way to get there?


Sure, you have your options; drive yourself, take a bus, a cab, or maybe one of those amateur car services with the silly name?  Sure, you’ll get there, but is that really the best option when you and 7 of your friends are going?  The bus is slow, so you’ll have to leave plenty of time so you don’t miss the show.  Good luck getting the bus to stop at the bar and wait for you.


How about a cab then?  Yeah, you’ll get there.  The driver will probably be willing to stop on the way too.  Of curse the meter will be running, and since there’s 8 of you, you’re gonna need a couple cabs.  Not exactly a “party before the party”.

DC cab

Phone app car service?  OK, again, you may need 2 vehicles, and you may be directing the driver, depending on how long they’ve been in the city, and whether or not their smart phone GPS is working.  Will he stop and wait?  Maybe.  What about pickup after the concert?  Well, that’s another story.  Is this ideal?  We don’t think so.

car service gps

You know where we’re going with this.  And obviously we’re a little biased here, since this is a limousine blog, but seriously, how can you go wrong with a stretch limo for a concert?  You all ride together.  You stop when and where you want.  You have the same car and driver all night.  You can relax and have a few drinks on the way, leave things in the car if you want during the show.  And when it’s all over, your professional chauffeur is there waiting for you.  No traffic hassles, no parking mess, and no drinking and driving.  And when you split the cost between you and your friends, it’s surprisingly affordable, especially when you consider all you’re getting.


If this sounds like a good idea to you, take a look at our Washington DC limo fleet, and find the perfect concert limo for you.  Or, give us a call and we’re happy to help you plan the ultimate concert experience.  We’re here 24/7 365.  Enjoy the show!

Thanks for reading!