How Big Is Your Limo?

Probably the most frequent question we receive at ABC Limo is… “How many passengers can fit in one of your limousines?”

That’s always a tough one to answer.  It’s very similar to calling your local pizza place and asking how many slices there are in a pizza.  If you don’t know the SIZE of the pizza (or in this case, the size of the limo), the question isn’t going to help you decide which one is right for you.


Going back to the pizza example, if they have an 18 inch pizza, cutting it into 12 slices or 40, it’s still the same amount of pizza.  And it’s the same thing with a limo… the capacity depends on which limousine you are asking about, and the configuration of that limo.

What do we recommend?  Well, when you call a limo service, the best thing to do is tell them “I need a limousine for 10 people” (or however many passengers you expect to have), followed by “what options do I have?”


This will tell the customer service representative exactly what he or she needs to know, and they can then go over the various limo types, configurations and passenger capacities.  sedan or SUV, coach or bus.  You’ll get the information you need to make an informed choice, and won’t end up with the wrong limo – either one that’s too small, or one that’s way bigger than you need (and more costly than you need too).


And once you’ve chosen the perfect limo for your needs, and the big night has come, maybe at some point you can ask your chauffeur to stop for some pizza.  A whole pie, or just a slice, that’s your call.  But when you’re there, don’t forget to offer your driver some, as we all know it’s just plain rude to fill a car with the smell of hot pizza, and then not share it with everyone else!


Check out or Washington DC limo fleet page to get started, then give us a call and we’ll get the ball rolling.  We’re always open, and ready to help.

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Girls’ Night Out!

The big night is here.  Time to leave the boys at home and hit the town with your girlfriends.  But there’s a problem… it’s a big group this time, and not everyone will fit in one car… probably not even in two or three cars.  And an even bigger problem… nobody wants to be the designated driver tonight.  So, what to do?



There are your obvious options; you can call a taxi, or try your luck with one of those amateur “phone app” car services, but with either of those choices, you’re still looking at multiple cars – which means you won’t all be together on the way, or in between destinations, and more than likely you won’t all arrive at the same time.  And really, what fun is that?


I mean really, do you want THIS GUY driving you and the girls anywhere?  I don’t think so.  Nope, the answer is clear… for this night out, you need to go big.  You need a stretch limo!


With that settled, now comes the fun part; picking out the perfect night out limo.  Depending on the size of your party, you can go with a Lincoln Town Car or MKT stretch limo.  Maybe a Chrysler 300 stretch?  Or go bigger with something like a Cadillac Escalade super stretch SUV limo.  Or what about the attention-grabbing Hummer H2 super stretch SUV limo?

Hummer H2 Limousine

Not big enough?  Well then, you can’t go wrong with a luxury limo coach or party bus.  Room enough for everyone, and the ideal place to start ‘the party before the party’, since all of our limousines have bars and high end entertainment systems to get things going right away.

So whatever the plan – dinner, clubbing, cruising DC?  It’s all up to you and your girls.  No concerns with driving, navigating, or parking.  Your only job is to get out there and have fun.


So if you’re ready for a ladies night like no other, check out our Washington DC limo fleet, and pick your ideal limo.  And if you need help in that regard, feel free to give us a call any time, and we’ll be happy to help you choose the right one.  We’re here 24/7 365, ready to assist you in planning your perfect night.

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A Better Concert Experience?

Summer concert season is upon us, and many of them are free too.  So, you’re already checking dates, figuring out which ones you’re going to see, who’s going with you, what you’re doing before the show – restaurant, bar, etc.  And then it hits you… what’s the best way to get there?


Sure, you have your options; drive yourself, take a bus, a cab, or maybe one of those amateur car services with the silly name?  Sure, you’ll get there, but is that really the best option when you and 7 of your friends are going?  The bus is slow, so you’ll have to leave plenty of time so you don’t miss the show.  Good luck getting the bus to stop at the bar and wait for you.


How about a cab then?  Yeah, you’ll get there.  The driver will probably be willing to stop on the way too.  Of curse the meter will be running, and since there’s 8 of you, you’re gonna need a couple cabs.  Not exactly a “party before the party”.

DC cab

Phone app car service?  OK, again, you may need 2 vehicles, and you may be directing the driver, depending on how long they’ve been in the city, and whether or not their smart phone GPS is working.  Will he stop and wait?  Maybe.  What about pickup after the concert?  Well, that’s another story.  Is this ideal?  We don’t think so.

car service gps

You know where we’re going with this.  And obviously we’re a little biased here, since this is a limousine blog, but seriously, how can you go wrong with a stretch limo for a concert?  You all ride together.  You stop when and where you want.  You have the same car and driver all night.  You can relax and have a few drinks on the way, leave things in the car if you want during the show.  And when it’s all over, your professional chauffeur is there waiting for you.  No traffic hassles, no parking mess, and no drinking and driving.  And when you split the cost between you and your friends, it’s surprisingly affordable, especially when you consider all you’re getting.


If this sounds like a good idea to you, take a look at our Washington DC limo fleet, and find the perfect concert limo for you.  Or, give us a call and we’re happy to help you plan the ultimate concert experience.  We’re here 24/7 365.  Enjoy the show!

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Bachelorette Party: Limo-Style!

Your best girlfriend is getting married, and you’ve been put in charge of planning the bachelorette party.  You’re simultaneously thrilled and stressed.  You know it has to be something more than just a get together at your place.  She wants to hit the town, for her last “big night out” with the girls.  You know a good restaurant, with a nice bar.  You know her favorite club, and you know who’s going.  But what about getting there?


You could call a taxi, but how will you all fit?  And a cab driver pulling up to the club isn’t exactly a glamorous image, is it?
Cab driver

How about one of those amateur phone app car services?  Hmm… is that how you want to make an entrance at the club?  Plus you all want to ride together.

Lincoln MKT limousine

You need a limo!  Now sure, we’re a little biased when it comes to luxury transportation, but really, this is the ideal option.  All the room you need, a professional chauffeur, on-board bar for the “party before the party”, with luxury and class to spare.  And best of all, no need to worry about getting there, parking, or drinking and driving.  This is a bachelorette party, after all.


So really all that’s left is to choose the right limousine.  You can’t go wrong with the Lincoln MKT or Town Car.  The Cadillac Escalade or Hummer H2 are also extremely popular bachelorette party limos.  And for the largest groups, there’s the limo party bus.  Whichever you choose, you’ll have the same driver and vehicle for the entire night, taking you where you want to go, and waiting outside when you’re ready to move on.  Easy, simple, and safe.

Cadillac Escalade & Limo Party Bus

So take a look at our DC limousine fleet if you want to see the full selection.  Or feel free to give us a call or submit a free online limo quote request to get the process started.  The bride to be will appreciate your efforts, and it will truly be a night to remember.

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21st Birthday Done Right

It’s that time.  Your son or daughter has hit that magical age (to them, anyway) – 21!  Sure, you want them to make it a special night, and they want to let loose and be crazy.  Safety isn’t likely on the top of their list, but it is on yours.  They’re thinking what bar, what club?  You’re thinking who’s driving, and when will they be home?

21st balloons
The first thing you have to agree on, is if there’s going to be drinking involved (and trust us, there will be), NO ONE in the group should be behind the wheel.  Remember when you were 21?  Did you make the best choices back then?  Make that decision for them, and rest easy knowing that even if they get a little too crazy at the bar or club, they will still have a safe ride home at the end of the night.


And just to make sure they don’t feel like you don’t trust them, make their 21st birthday limousine a gift.  How can they turn that down?  Figure out the number of celebrants will be involved, and then check out our limousine fleet page to find what you need.

As a general guideline… Lincoln MKTs are great for about 8 people.  Cadillac Escalade stretch SUVs are good for about 14 people.  Hummer stretch SUV limos are good for about 20.  And party limo buses can hold up to 40.

If you still aren’t sure, give us a call.  We’re available 24/7 365 to help you pick the perfect 21st birthday limo.  We’ll help you choose the right luxury transportation for your needs and budget.

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Guy’s Night Out!

Hey, guys.  If the girls can have a night out all their own, so can we!  And you know what, we can do it in style too!
guys night out 01

So, now that we’ve settled that, what do you want to do?  How about dinner, followed by a round of bar hopping?  Maybe we’ll hit the clubs, or take in a movie?  How about all of these things?  Why not?!

Regardless, the one thing you don’t want to be doing is driving yourselves.  So, let’s check our options; Taxi?  Soccer Mom car service with a funny name?  Ah, I don’t think so.  Not tonight.  With a large group of guys, those options just aren’t going to work.  And where’s the style rolling up to the club in a mini-van?

guys night out 02
OK, so it’s gotta be a limo, a nice stretch limo to be precise.  But which one?  The Lincoln Town Car stretch limo, the Chrysler 300 stretch limo, the Lincoln MKT stretch limo, or the Cadillac Escalade super stretch SUV limo are all excellent choices.  For bigger groups (or if you just want to make an entrance), a party bus is the way to go.

Party Bus
There are other options too, which you can see by checking out our DC limousine fleet page.  But whichever limousine you pick, you’ll travel in style, and not have to concern yourselves with getting there, parking, or getting behind the wheel if the drinks are flowing.

So that’s it, guys.  Figure out a plan and make it happen!  We’re here 24/7 365, happy to arrange your perfect night out with the boys.

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Less Stress at the Airport?

You know, in one way or another, we all dread the trip to the airport these days.  Once we’re on the plane, everything is good, but it’s getting there, and dealing with all the hassles of traffic, parking, check in and security that really put a damper on the fun.

We can’t do much about the security or check in lines, but we can definitely help when it comes to the traffic and parking stuff.  We service all DC-area airports, including BWI, DCA, IAD & all private airports throughout the tri-state area.  And we can get you there in luxury sedans, limousines, vans, SUVs and buses for any size group.


And you don’t have to be a business executive to utilize our airport transfer service.  In fact, if you are large family, it may even be cheaper to hire a limousine than to book several taxis or “soccer mom” cars.  Get there relaxed, on time and ready for your trip.  It may make that check in line just a little more tolerable, and you make actually feel like smiling at the TSA agents… maybe.


So check out our DC limousine fleet, ,give us a call, and book your airport limo today.  Then sit back, smile, and get ready for your trip.

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